Pawan V. Bhansing (1979) is a Postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Media and Communication. His main research interest lies in the creative industries and how its organizations balance their creative and economic goals. As Postdoc he focuses on how business incubators and co-located creative organizations perceive and manage innovation. This research is part of the NWO funded project ‘Cultures of Innovations in the Creative Industries’ (CICI).

Before joining the EUR Pawan was a Lecturer and PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam Business School in the Strategy and Marketing department, where he focused on managerial perceptions, cognitions and decision making in the context of film production, music festivals and performing arts. His work shows e.g. how different types of organizational performance of such companies are affected by cognitive diversity, organizational structures, high rates of new product development and perceptions of stakeholders such as reputation and legitimacy.

He obtained a Master of Science in Social and Organizational Psychology at Leiden University, where he specialized in Economic Psychology and Consumer Behavior and he obtained his PhD in 2013.